Boosting the Innate Immune System

Even with current vaccines, anti-virals and antibiotics
significant unmet needs remain to better prevent and treat respiratory infections

Pulmotect technology has demonstrated activity
and completed Phase I clinical trials to address these unmet needs


Forecast sales for the immuno-stimulants market are estimated to reach $17.6 billion

~ The Cancer Market Outlook:
Competitive landscape, pipeline analysis
and growth opportunities


More than 2 billion people worldwide
could be impacted by a pandemic. 160 million Americans will need to be vaccinated.


 CDC Declares 2015 Flu Epidemic



Despite remarkable advances in medical research and treatments during the 20th century, infectious diseases remain among the leading causes of death worldwide.

~ National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Disease


Our Products

Remarkably, despite a surface area nearly the size of a tennis court,
the lungs are typically capable of defending themselves against inhaled pathogens.  

Our Research

Inducible epithelial resistance protects mice against pneumonia
Blood. 2016 Aug 18. Volume 128(7): 982-92. doi: 10.1182/blood-2016-03-708511.

The Market

PULMOTECT’S NOVEL PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY provides access to an estimated $50-100 billion infectious disease market by addressing significant unmet needs in the prevention of infections