PULMOTECT’S MANAGEMENT TEAM includes the lead inventors of the technology as well experienced business leaders. In collaboration with leading academic institutions, this team is well positioned to achieve the milestones and transition our products from the clinic to the market.


President and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Scott is a co-founder of the company. His academic experience has focused on vesicular traffic, airway inflammation and infection. He serves as the PI on multiple grant awards, including the CPRIT and TETF awards from the State of Texas and seven SBIR awards. He received his PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Rice University and his MBA from University of Houston.


Director of Preclinical Research

Diane Markesich PhD is Director of Operations at Pulmotect. She joined the company in March 2013, after previously serving as a consultant for the company in 2009. Dr. Markesich has extensive experience in directing discovery and translational research for drug development. As Associate Director of Target Validation at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (2001 to 2009), she led laboratory teams engaged in characterizing mouse phenotypes to identify and drug targets by analyzing gene function in the context of medically relevant physiology. She led production of mouse embryonic stem cell gene knock-out clone libraries (using both gene-trapping and gene-targeting), which were used to produce over 4000 knock-out mouse lines. An important contribution was leading production of the first large scale library of C57Bl/6N knock-out clones.

Dr. Markesich received her Ph.D. from the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University. Her research focused on cellular regulation by mRNA localization and translational control. In the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital she was a post-doctoral Fellow in Developmental Gastroenterology. Her early career as a scientist was spent in the digestive diseases research laboratories at the Michael Debakey Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine, where she studied the infectious etiology of stomach ulcers and Crohn’s disease. She maintains an active interest in infectious etiologies of chronic inflammatory diseases and consults on studies of Crohn’s disease research. She is a review panel member since 2013 for NIH-Small Business Innovation Grants and Contracts in Immunology and Infectious Disease.


Head, Clinical Operations and Consultant

Dr. Schaumberg has more than 30 years of drug development expertise, including experience with global pharmaceutical organizations, biotechnology companies and clinical research organizations. His past roles include Vice President level positions in Biotech as Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations of Agennix AG as well as Vice President level positions in the clinical research organizations PRA International and Inveresk. Prior to Inveresk, he held a variety of clinical development and project management roles with Glaxo, Parke-Davis and Valentis. While at Glaxo, he was involved in the clinical development programs of Serevent®, a long acting beta agonist, and Flovent®, an inhaled corticosteroid, for the treatment of asthma. Dr. Schaumberg received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa (U.S.) in Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products, and his Bachelor of Pharmacy from Washington State University (U.S.).