Remarkably, despite a surface area nearly the size of a tennis court, the lungs are typically capable of defending themselves against inhaled pathogens. However, during times of immunocompromise (cancer, transplant, elderly, etc.), an unusual pathogen (pandemic in subjects with chronic respiratory conditions), or a particularly aggressive pathogen (bioterror attack) it would be beneficial to boost the innate immune system of the lungs to fight against an infection and prevent the spread of the disease.

Pulmotect’s lead product, PUL-042, is a clinical stage inhaled therapeutic that in preclinical studies stimulates the innate immune system in minutes to provide immediate and effective protection against all major classes of pathogens that lasts for days.

How does it work?

PUL-042 is a novel combination of two synthetic molecules (Pam2 and ODN) that are agonists of Toll-like receptors. These Toll-like receptors are proteins on the surface and endosomes of cells that recognize pathogens and activate the body’s innate immune system.

By stimulating these receptors on lung epithelial cells, PUL-042 initiates an innate immune system response that better protects the body from infections. This single therapeutic has been shown to protect against each of the major classes (bacterial, fungal and viral) of pathogens.