PULMOTECT, INC. is a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops products (host-directed/pathogen-agnostic) to reduce morbidity and mortality in patients at risk of severe respiratory diseases.

Our technology stimulates the body’s natural defenses to provide safe, broad-spectrum, fast-acting protection against bacterial pneumonia (including MRSA), influenza, fungal pneumonia, and Class A bioterror agents (including anthrax, tularemia, and plague).


The technology has been awarded multiple grant and equity funding awards (PI of award).

  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency Award under their Bacterial Rapid Acquisition Platform program
  • Initial Close on Series B Round in 2018
  • Series A Round completed in 2016
  • Texas Emerging Technology Fund (Dr. Scott)
  • NIH five year collaborative award with leading academic institutions (Dr. Hook)
  • U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center MRP Award (Dr. Dickey)
  • Fannin Innovation Studio Partnership
  • “Living Legends” fund (Dr. Dickey)
  • Culpeper award (Dr. Evans)
  • NCI Leukemia SPORE grant (Dr. Evans)
  • Inaugural Texas Ignition Fund award
  • Lehman Brothers Foundation award (Dr. Dickey)
  • NHLBI R01 on mechanisms of inducible resistance
    (Dr. Evans)
  • NHLBI/Office of the Director New Innovator Award
    (Dr. Evans)
  • TJ Martell Foundation on mechanisms of inducible resistance (Dr. Evans)
  • U.T. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center – Technology Review Committee
  • Seven NIH SBIR awards (Dr. Scott)
  • Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (Dr. Scott)


  • SE Bio Investor Forum winner
  • Rice Alliance Conference, awarded a “Most Promising Company” award
  • Top three award from SBIR National Conference
  • World’s Best Technology Showcase presentation
  • Top 5 company award at the national NCET2 conference in Washington DC
  • Graduate Client Company of the Houston Technology Center
  • American Society for Cell Biology “Press Book” selection
  • Featured on front page of Houston Chronicle
  • Featured in BusinessWeek, Forbes, USNews, Washington Post and multiple other media sources
  • Selected to exhibit and showcase technology at the 2017 Biotechnology Innovation Organization conference
  • Selected to present at the 2017 Biotech Showcase conference