Pulmotect’s lead product, PUL-042, is a clinical stage inhaled therapeutic that stimulates the innate immune system in the lung to provide immediate and effective protection against all major classes of pathogens. Effectiveness against viral, bacterial and fungal infection have been demonstrated in animal studies including immunosuppressed animal models.

Despite a surface area nearly the size of a tennis court, the lungs are typically capable of defending themselves against inhaled pathogens. However, during times of immunocompromise (cancer, transplant, elderly, etc.), an unusual pathogen (pandemic or epidemic) or a particularly aggressive pathogen (bioterror attack) it would be beneficial to boost the innate immune system of the lungs to fight against an infection and prevent the spread of the disease.

  • Synergistic combination that activates the innate surface immunity of lung epithelial cells1       :
    • Pam2CSK4 – TLR 2/6 agonist
    • ODNM362 – TLR 9 agonist
  • Rapid host response within minutes
    • Broad spectrum, locally acting pathogen-agnostic killing; primarily ROS-mediated 2
    • Single dose provides up to 7 days of sustained protection in animal studies
    • Activates adaptive immune system 3